Wonderware reading IEEE Analog Registers

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Hi list, I hope you help me on this: I have several Amot Hawk-I Controllers (PLC's) and I'm reading Modbus register from them using the Standard Automation's EFM/Scada I/O Server with Wonderware Intouch v. 7.1. My problem is that the PLC contains several values stored in the IEEE Floating Point Format. I configure the EFM/Scada Server to read these values in the IEEE fromat but the Intouch Window Viewer doesn't show the data correctly. My operating system is a Win98 SE. Any help will be appreciated Regards, Engelbert Rodriguez REELVENSA S.A. Maracaibo Venezuela
My bet is that your problem is not with Wonderware but rather with the way the Amot unit formats the data as compared to a real Modicon PLC. Modbus transmits the most significant byte first for numerical quantities greater than one byte. The EFM/Scada I/O Server probably has support for word swapping so try experimenting with one of the alternate word order schemes to see if there is a scheme that supports the Amot format. Good luck!