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Walt Flannagan

I am no longer able to configure any security or tuning parameter because I don't have the administrator login for our Wonderware system.
The Former integrator/staff aug. personal are no longer allowed on site and will not return a phone call as to what is the admin password
for the Wonderware Project. I have found the password file but it's encoded. any help?

Anthony Kerstens

Delete the file "password.bin".

On startup, if this file is missing, WW creates a new file with a default login = "administrator" and password = "wonderware".

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Thomas Damon

Download the Psswdbin.zip file from the Knowledge Base, and use it to create an application that reads the Password.bin file. I had to do this at a customers site when we took over support from and old integrator.

The Password.bin script function libary allows you to directly edit the InTouch Password.bin file to add, change, delete and read the userids and passwords and associated access levels contained in this file.

The Password.bin script function library consists of these script functions:

A complete description of these functions are provided in the online help file, WWAdmUsr.hlp, which comes with the script function library.