Wonderware vs Siemens.

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Jaime Cedeño Pozo

I need to communicate a PLC Simatic with CPU 315-2DP to the software INTOUCH of Wonderware. By this purpose, I have a Simatic Panel PC 670 (an industrial PC with ProfibusDP/MPI, RS 232, USB and LPT ports).
I know that I can communicate the PLC with the PC by the port MPI (an interface of SIEMENS ), but I´m not sure respect the INTOUCH.
The question is:
If the INTOUCH is installed in the Simatic PC, Do I need the adapter card CP5613 (or CP5412A2 or other)to communicate the PLC Simatic to INTOUCH?

Please help me

Sharad Maheshwari

Dear Jaime Cedeño Pozo

Well you already have a MPI/Profibus interface with your Siemens PC Panel 670. Now please check in the intouch will are the possible interface-drivers/channels available for siemens. If they have it for MPI or profibus then you have no problem. In the control Panel of the Windows operating system you will have an ICON by the name "Setting the PG\PC interface". Double click this and here attach the MPI or Profibus to the Intouch interface. Your communication can then get established directly by connecting to the MPI or Profibus interface to the CPU 315-2DP.
You will not need extra CP 5613. CP5613 is PCI based card and works with Windows NT 4.0 OS. The CP 5412 A2 is now discontinued for sale as it was a ISA based slot card and with PC manufactures in the US moving towards PCI slot this change has been.

In the event you have not procured the associated support for Siemens PLC with the Intouch then I feel you should go for OPC communication on profibus or Industrial Ethernet. It is very simple to configure with Siemens. The PLC (315-2 DP) would act as an OPC server and the Intouch as the OPC client. Please check which is the MPI / Profibus interface card that is attached in the Panel PC 670.

If it has a Onboard CPU and dual port RAM handling communications then it is referred to as HARDNET card. And if uses the PC's resources to handle the communication then it refers to SOFTNET card.

Based on the above info check your card and use the associated S7-Profibus driver. You also get in the same CD (Simatic NET CD 5/2000) which has the above driver the OPC server package which is free. Load this in the Panel PC and you have to configure OPC connection.

The method of configuring is available at the siemens Automation and Drives customer support site under FAQ's or you could contact your local
siemens partner for this.


Sharad Maheshwari

Richard Theron

Hi Jamie

You could also use an Industrial protocol gateway which would convert DF1
to Modbus TCP directly into your InTouch package across Ethernet. For further information please have a look at www.fieldserver.com



Dobrowolski, Jacek

Hello Jaime,

I'm not sure if INTOUCH has built-in a SimaticNET client, but you can use an OPC server for that purpose. There are several OPC servers which can run over a MPI or ProfibusDP net using a SimaticNET (and utilize built-in MPI port). ( try www.merz-sw.com or ask Siemens rep )


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PS. SimaticNET comes together with STEP 7

Very often we have to connect Siemens PLC to Intouch, in general we use cards from Applicom (PCI1500PFB or PCI1500S7).

The package include the DDE and SuiteLink servers. You don't have to order (and pay) for the Intouch I/o server and the cost of the card is about the same than the Siemens card. The server itself is very stable and support very high load.

for more information see http://www.applicom-int.com/


Steve Monnet

No, you should not need the adapter card. I have used an rs232-MPI adapt
or from Siemens 6ES7 972-0CA23. I then am using an I/O server supplied by
ATS Applied Tech systems (demo mode downloaded for free). An issue I've
had with it is that I cannot have Wonderware and S7 software talking to
the plc at the same time. You can find the link to ATS via Wonderwares
web site, look in the area for I/O servers.

Chris Corne