Working with MSCom and barcode scanner????


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in VB 6.0 i had used MSCom to control hardware plusin the usb port or serial port, but i dont know how it work in C#, some one can help me?

my opinion is: I have a barcode scanner, that plus in the usb port, now i want to programe in C# and read all the scanner signs to my application. How can i do? where i can get the MSCom, add it to to application, working with MSCom and read data ,
if you can, pplease give me some codes about it in C#
Thank you very much.

Neil Kingston (Data Layers)

There are some samples from Microsoft for serial programming in .NET, plus there are various commercial offerings, but if you are familiar with MSComm and want to use MSComm in VS.NET, the following might suit.

I'm not sure about the USB drivers for the bar code scanner, you'll have to check into whether they allow you access the scanner over a COM port.

Neil Kingston
Data Layers