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Andrew E

I've got a question which I hope someone might be able to answer..OK here goes..

We have just upgraded our production lines with Alstom's Alspa 80-MT PLC/Controllers. The device protocol we are using is World FIP. OK..this works great..Now, we are looking for a MCC unit which talks to the Alspa 80-MT on World FIP (ie: to reduce cabling, more diagnostics, VSD, etc..)but have come up short..We were told/and have spoken to Schneider Groupe, who says they can
supposily talk to the World FIP, tests have been done but nothing has worked. questions is has anyone done anything like this before?? OR would anyone be able to tell me a supplier who can talk with them (Alstom's version of World FIP?) or..a company who might have a bridge from World FIP say to Ethernet or Modbus?? If anyone could help, it would be appreiciated..


There should be no such thing as "Alstom's version of World FIP", as it's a standardized protocol. The TSX Premium PLC with FIPIO built in will talk World FIP. While I have not made it work before (new to Premium and FIP), I have seen the option in the software (PL7) to set the FIP port to World FIP.

When I worked at Alstom I used to use/program the 80-MT and the only ways which I think may work for you are:
1) Stick a GE 90-30 (Can't remember Alstom's name) remote IO nest in your MCC and use it to interface with the MCC. Not likely what you're looking for but will work.
2) Convince Alstom to build a driver for a VME ProfiBus board and use ProfiBus to the MCC (of course specify a profibus MCC). This would be expensive and Alstom will give you 10000 reasons why this shouldn't be done. But they can do
it. Of course this would give you the possibility of using ProfiBus equipment in the Alstom controller. SST builds a VME ProfiBus card.
3) Stick a GE 90-30 or 90-70 with a FIP port connected to the Alstom equipment and interface to the MCC via Modbus, modbus+, profibus, etc (hell even TCP/IP). Use the GE PLC as a gateway to the 80-MT. The 80 MT will communicate to the GE PLC via FIP and will treat it as an IO nest. This maybe the best solution for you. Several venders build cards for the GE stuff that will do all the above.
I know of SST. But there are others too. Ask GE Fanuc for more possibilites.