Write data to Monitor Pro from Momentum ME1 via Modbus TCP/IP


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Andrzej Sokulski

I have problem with MBP_MSTR block function in Concept for Momentum ME1 to write data via Modbus TCP/IP protocol to Monitor Pro (configured to read unsolicited data). The function is writing data to MP, but the error F001 ( Inreset mode ) is produced and SUCCESS coil is never energized.
The MSTR control block :
4X = 1 - Write
4X+1 = - Error
4X+2 = 10 - Number of registers sent to MP
4X+3 = 1 - Starting register in MP
4X+4 = 0101 hex - Routing register
4X+5-8 - IP address
Hello Andrzej,

Your MSTR block parameters appear correct. If you wish to email me at [email protected], I am sure we can figure out what the problem is. Please refer to case #503698 in your email.

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Bob Gray
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