writing a VC program to send data over RS232


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Hi every body,
I would like to write a program in visual C. The program should be able to send some bytes from one pc to another. A program on another pc
acknowledge the data and send back a confirmation. Can any body guide me in how i can do this in most simple way. I do have a programming back ground but the necessary ingredieants required are missing i.e. how to put them together.and i need a hint to start with this experiment. I need seem guidance programs or books that can help to understand how communication programs work. all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Microsoft has a technical article "Serial Communications in Win32" which is probably a good place to start. The article is on the MSDN
(Microsoft Developers Network) at "http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/":http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/

The Full URL to the Serial Communication article is below:


If this article is not helpfull, then one of it's references is a book titled "C Programmer's guide to serial communication".

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hai chetan ,
i venu (cheennai) also doing a project in plc .
so to simulate the same ireqiure the same codes in vb or vc which i hope is stred in vb as adll file.

pls reply ,
also urgent.

thanking u

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i am an electronics engg. student .. even i am facing the same problem of linking two programs on two different pc's using C..plz send me some details about this if u have..

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Hi Lala,

U can make use of CommDialog control and create an object of that Class. Open port and read the data using the input function. U can put all this into a class. Similarly u can make use of output function to read data from the serial port.

Iam sorry, i have code for this but not right now.

all the best....

This is narendra, i am having two applications. how can i call another application from one application? if anybody is there give suggestion for me. ok.

thank u,
I want to communicate Schenck weighing scale with Intellution scada. Do you have any idea about it? Pl. let me know.