Writing VB programs for RSview32 Offshore


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I am developing some ActiveX programs which need to access RSview32 tags directly. I plan to use RS Object Model directly for this purpose. I would like to do this program on my laptop and then run it on the actual system contaning te RSView. But I am not able to get access to the Object Model without RSView32 loaded on my laptop as well. Can anybody suggest me a way out?

Glass, Philip

I suppose if you knew all the properties, methods, and events of the RSView32 Object Model, you could write the code on your laptop and then reference the .OCX, .TLB, or .DLL files that are applicable, once your ActiveX reaches it's final destination. Personally, I'd install RSView32 on the laptop if I were going to develop controls for it. The object model is huge and I'd prefer to do some testing along the way, which would require access to RSView32. Just my opinion Phil

Walters Curt L Contr AEDC/SVT

You should be able to use late binding instead of early binding. The late binding does not require the object model to be available at development time, but is less efficient at runtime that early binding. Late binding does not require you to include a reference in the References Dialog (Project Menu-->References). However, late binding also means that you cannot take advantage of the Intellisense. You have to know what the object model looks like without the help of Intellisense. An example of early binding is: Dim oObjVar As myClass Set oObjVar = New myClass Using late binding, the example would look like this: Dim oObjVar as Object Set oObjVar = CreateObject("myComponent.myClass", DEVSVR1") myComponent is the name of the component such as "excel". myClass is the name of the class such as "application". DEVSVR1 is the name of the computer if the class is on a different computer than the run version at run time. If on the same computer, it is optional. Lookup CreateObject, GetObject, and late binding for more details and nuances. Curt
Hi Do you know how to connect to RSview Tag from Visual Basic ?? not VBA!! I need to write an activeX for RSVIEW?? Please Inform me. Thanks Offer
Hi Guys Thanks for the response to my query. Well I found the DLL which was to be referenced and copied that (and its dependencies) into my laptop (it RSROI.dll found in the RSView directory. Atleast I can write the program and even compile it. About the way to write into the tags.Offer Dahan .I could explain in details . But have a look at the Help topic and subject RSView Object Model in the RSView. Basically I open a project and an application. I declare a New Tag collection Instance , assign it to the tags which I want t obrowse and write. I just simply use the tag as if it is another variable. Actually it is more easier than what it appears. Mail me in case you need more help than this at "[email protected]". I would be glad to help out. Prem