WW InTouch with Phoenix Contact Bus Coupler


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I am using InTouch 11.0 and a Phoenix Contact IL ETH BK bus coupler with analog input cards. Each card accepts either two voltage or two current inputs. In order to configure the card I have to write a script on start up in my InTouch program that will write a value of 32778 (Decimal) or 800A (Hex) to the first control word of Modbus address 48014, so it will set the first analog input to 4-20mA. I am completely new to this and cannot figure out where this is done. Do I just need to write an application script or do I need to configure a tag that writes to that register? Any help would be appreciated. Again I am completely new to this, I have been creating screens and assigning tags for awhile but never ran into an IO module like this one.