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Hutchinson, Ben [LFS]

We have a Wonderware Factory Suite 2000 application running SPCPro and we are getting recurring errors (error 15) from the ODBC drivers when MS Access is called. Has anyone else run into this problem? Ideas?

Ben Hutchinson
Staff Software Engineer
Johnson & Johnson

Anthony Kerstens

Yes. Check your DLL version numbers and dates as per WW tech note #111.

Also, if you can, steer clear of using MS Access for data. It has a number of other "known" issues. In fact, WW suggest you do not use MS
Access!!!!! I personnally have used SPCPro connected to a MS SQL 6.5 server with great success.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
I don't know if it is related, but I am having Y2K problems with Access calculating a range of dates crossing over 1/1/00. I do not have Office 97 service pack 2 yet which should fix it.

Mike Milton

Tony Palazzolo

Anthony is correct. I also ran into the DLL problem. I also found a WW "unknown" issue when connecting to SQL 6.5. SPCPro cannot validate a password over 8 characters.

> From: Anthony Kerstens <[email protected]>
> Yes. Check your DLL version numbers and dates as per WW tech note #111. ...<clip> <

Anthony Kerstens

Also, on the password note, for some reason SPCPro cannot validate a null password. Even though it was you enter a blank password through
SPCPro, it puts a single space in. However, note that passwords are only needed if "automatic" measurements are being done.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.
You may want to check with your distributor about what version of the Access ODBC driver to use. Some of the older Access drivers have SIGNIFICANT leaks in them. It looks like the 4.00.4120.00 version of ODBCJT32.DLL has addressed the majority of them.