XBT L1000 Software Issues


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Tony S King

I believe the problem may be caused by internal corruption in the .dop file. The file can be opened normally, and browsed/changed normally, but compiling the files (either by download or simply by simulation!) causes the software to
crash. This problem occurs on recent versions of the same software file (renamed), but slightly older (3 days) version of the same software will work fine. The application size of the new file is 2929K (the older version is 2945K), and I am currently using v 3.70 of XBT L1000. I am unaware of any limits that I have broken (eg. variable numbers), and well within known limits for variable fields etc.

Has anyone had the same problem / fixed it, or is there a way (other than copying/pasting to a new file) of re-importing the contents?


Robert Willis

Can you check the following: Verify that you have the latest communication drivers for the Magelis Software. It is possible that you are using a older version of these drivers.

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Bill Szuminski

The problem may be in the use of "application" screens. Newer units and software need to use the "Model" screens. The application screens utilize memory in a odd manner. I can put you in contact with a user who had the same problem and SqD Applications Team helped him using model pages.