XM-220 Module via DeviceNet Config


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Hi Guys,

I need to know how I can configure the XM-220 Module via DeviceNet.

Please note that I have also another devices to be configured via the same DeviceNet (2 MOOG Controller).
From what I can recall, the XM-220 is configured offline then downloaded to the module.

Download is direct by serial lead (RS232) or indirectly by DeviceNet - making sure the system DeviceNet address matches the module.

If the module DeviceNet address is not set by 'DIP switches' and you have no idea of previous settings, you may have to download the configuration directly.
Using Serial cable is easy, but I have to configure the XM module via DeviceNet.

Please Note: I have the configuration file (which I usually download it to the module when I use Serial Cable) and I wanna to download it to the module via DeviceNet. How?