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Maybe someone is interested in this information and can make use of it:

I remember the KDE project switching from POT (plain old text) files to XML files to store configuration data of every kind. As a lot
of applications need to swallow a lot of configuration data during startup they wrote a cache for this: only the first access is slow,
then the data resides parsed and converted to binary in the cache. Applications do not see where the data comes from, that is completely hidden.

How about an XML flamethrower DTD? I suggest:

<!ELEMENT flame (#PCDATA | insult)+>
<!ATTLIST flame power (low|mid|high|hell) "mid">
<!ELEMENT insult (#PCDATA)>
<!ATTLIST insult severity (low|mid|high|doomsday) "doomsday">

So is this both well-formed and valid...?


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