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Jeff Dean

Peter said:
>>I must admit, I'm curently affascinated by XP programming (not M$, but
>>the programming paradigm). XP says even, that you should write the test
>>BEFORE you write the code. I mean, there's already a lot of discussion
>>about XP vs. classical software project management. Anyway, some of the
>>thing they say make a lot of sense (for those interested, look at the
>>titles by Kent Beck).

I was quite excited when I read the initial reviews of books about eXtreme Programming. Then I read about it.... As opposed to ranting on my concerns about XP, I'll just hand ya' a pointer to a decent article that covers many of XP's flaws.

Based on my experience, XP is best likened to the practice a young software development company follows before it realizes how difficult it is to
support and maintain software written without a clear design and purpose. That doesn't mean there isn't stuff to be learned from XP - but it's simply not a panacea. :)

"All models are bad, some are useful." - Mythical Man Month I believe...

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Are you kidding XP really has soo many flaws in its software it spins my head
there never even Beta copied or burned the software and it had sooo many Security holes in it i wouldnt get it 20 feet around my network