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2. Revolution problem: MS has begun Revolution. XP(eXtreme Programming), -
the "new paradigm", - establishes the "bad enough software" philosophy as an


I think XP in Windows XP means "experience." And yes, you may remember Jimi Hendrix?

This is totally different from eXtreme Programming.

Any other possible meanings what XP stands for?

Friedrich Haase

Vladimir E. Zyubin

Alas, I did not hear of eXPerience Methodology before... Dr. Haase, would you like to share any information about it?

In any case, the main statement in my previous post is about the leased software model that IMO leads to an endless loop of _uncontrolled_ and _useless_ changes, so called "upgrades".

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> Any other possible meanings what XP stands for?
1. A contracton for XyloPhone? (simple instrument with ancient origins, but few masters).
2. Xenon Properties? (it doesn't combine well with anybody else's atoms, and makes a blindingly harsh light if a big enough charge passes through
3. paroXysm of Pleading (pleeeaaasssee don't [fill in the blanks, as appropriate] )
4. Xanthippe's Pegasus (A winged horse owned by Socrate's ill-tempered shrew wife? Only in mythology.)
5. Xenobiotic Pustule (painful blister created by a compound inimical to human life)
6. Xmas Present (or Xmas Past, as the case may be ...)
7. XenoPatois (Xeno = strange/foreign + Patois = dialect === strange jargon). Could also be XenoParonomasia (strange word play), XenoPanoply
(strange, but impressive display or attire), or any number of strange things ....
8. Explanatory Perplexity (or, will online help continue it's relentless slide into the sea?)
The one that seems most appropriate is "eXPerimental".

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Donald Pittendrigh

Hi All

These explanations are all crediting XP with far more finesse than it likely warrants..... my bid eXtremely Painful, whether it is paying,
installing, maintaining or perhaps authorising the "Open" Licence.


Curt Wuollet

I was thinking eXtra Payments. The sad part is that this seems to be the only compelling reason to upgrade. Strange that they would be blatant while they are still under scrutiny.