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I am looking for recommendation for repair/programming of HMI Monitor XYCOM 4850 A (preferable being in UAE or Gulf region)

We are small instrumentation company ( www.e-i-emirates.com) working in UAE - Abu Dhabi. We are facing problem for repair and re-installation of HMI monitor for one client. Can you recommend someone familiar with this product and in the region?

please contact us for more details. Thank you very much.

Pavel Sumansky, MD
Try Lektronix, a UK based company.
They have a branch in Dubai.
You may contact Mr. Mithun (050-6541183) there.
You may contact Lektronix, a UK based company located at Dubai. They do repair jobs for almost all industrial electronic products in the market.
Contact Person - Mithun (050-6541183).


Hi there,

We had similar problems.

Motherboard failures. Used to be able to have them refurbished but the comapny has stopped doing them. Say they are obsolete. We have decided to upgrade our units to 4715 units from proface uk.
http://www.profaceuk.com/xycom products/industrial/4715.htm
We use softscreen as our HMI platform but this will not run on the new units, so to that end we are migrating to Wonderware Intouch. The 46xx and the 47xx should fit in your existing cut out.

Proface had an option of the 37xx which could be loaded with dos (if you use a dos based app) but that unit is on it's way out so seems silly to purchase a unit that will also soon be obsolete.