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Hafeezullah K. Khan

As we know that New Millennium approaching and only after 22 days we will be
in Year 2000. Despite of all effort to comply the control system we are
still not sure how the control system's embedded microprocessor will behave
at the time of changeover on 31/12/99 midnight.

In order to be aware of how this phenomenon take place in other part of
world, is it possible to communicate through your channel. As midnight will
pass in Far East earlier than other part of the world. My suggestion is that
if during changeover anybody face control system problems he can
communicate to others about it.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Hafeez Ullah Khan
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Michael Strong

We are in the process of changing over to Bailey controls, and have found
out that Bailey has an E-mail list so you can find out immediately how
systems to the east have weathered Y2K. Perhaps other vendors have similar
E-mail lists.
You don't say what type of embedded processor you are using. I have had
to consider similar situations with embedded processors in my capacity
as Y2K co-ordinator for my company. In one instance we were told that we
had to buy upgraded EPROM's for a piece of equipment at a cost of =A32000.
No explanation was offered as to why these were required. I asked the vendor
what I could expect if I did not upgrade and was given some c!$p about them
not being able to guarantee problem free operation without it.

This is on a piece of equipment for which there is no access to the
processor clock and which has no timer function. I then asked them how I
could tell what date and time was currently in the processor. Again I was
not given any satisfactory answer, although I concluded that there was NO
way of telling on this equipment configuration. It occurred to me that if
the date had not been set properly when the equipment was manufactured
then it may already be set to some time in 2000. Conversely it may be set
to 1934! Either way I have decided that no action is required. We'll wait
and see.......

Christoph Duwe

New Zealand will be among the first to face Y2K problems.
The NZ government has established a website, where they will publish received
problem reports.
Please refer to http://www.y2k.govt.nz/

Moreover, the information will be forwarded to the Global Status Center of the
UNO. Please refer to http://www.iy2kcc.org/

Best regards and a happy new year,

Chris Duwe

Christoph Duwe
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Phil Costantinou

You want to trust journalists to understand and report correctly complicated technical issues related to computers and Y2K? Yes, we'll get some notice if and when things go wrong, especially if
someone is injured, bleeding, or killed. But actual info. to help you understand and possibly prevent similar problems on your own systems? Don't look to CNN. If you haven't already, I'd suggest you immediately start testing to verify your systems stability and say a few prayers Dec. 31st that you, the equipment manufacturer, all others networked to your equipment, and all the utilities did the same and didn't miss anything.

Albert Phair


I concur. I have tested many devices and have found several that the manufacturer has stated as Y2K compliant {to an unknown -or their own-
definition}, and these did not comply to our (PD2000-1) definition.

The only way to demonstrate Due Diligence --and verify that the equipment is compliant-- is to test everything that has a high criticality definition.

Y2K compliance letters from suppliers may not relieve you of your obligations [especially when the supplier is no longer in business], therefore testing may be the best way to protect yourself or your company.


Albert Phair


Take that information with caution or several grains of salt. The ABB site which has also Bailey and Fischer and Porter information reports several devices that are definitely not date related (how many could be date related and not reported?). An example would be the declaration that a plastic venturi tube was Y2K ready --of course it is -- but our mandate is to test
everything that has a date usage, is Y2K ready, Y2K compliant and may have an unconfirmed date usage.

>From the above we would have to test the Venturi tube. What a concept!<

It is extremely hard to prove (on paper) that a device is Y2K Compliant without testing.

Merry Christmas.


From: Michael Strong <[email protected]>

> We are in the process of changing over to Bailey controls, and have found out that Bailey has an E-mail list so you can find out immediately how systems to the east have weathered Y2K. Perhaps other vendors have similar E-mail lists.<