Yaskawa FS100 I/O Technical Documentation is Wrong


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I am a student working with an FS100 Yaskawa/MotoMan controller with an MPP3S Delta Robot. I am currently trying to hookup the outputs to a VFD for them to start/stop as well as other I/O. While reviewing the technical documentation that came with the controller I found that the pin-outs for the Inputs as well as the outputs were wrong. Say if pin# 25 is +24VDC and pin# 12 is OT01 and I activate the output through the Teach Pendant I should be reading +24VDC between then with a multi-meter, though I do not. I have called the MotoMan help line multiple times to get help with this issue but it was no to avail, and they have assured me that the technical documents that were provided were the correct ones that nothing is wrong with the controller. In the documents it says that the I/O that is shown is for the LIO-08R I/O board and connector which is what is in the controller. Do I need to escalate this issue higher, keep asking MotoMan for help, or just sit there with a mult-meter and some wires to get the full pin-out of this I/O board?