Yokogawa Centum CS PICS - User Program


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Hi -

I am trying to get a User Program to execute on a Yokogawa Centum CS (FreeBSD v5.4) PICS operator station running release v2.15.

The Yokogawa manuals are pretty hard to follow - I suspect the section discussing UserC applies to User Programs, but none of it seems to apply to the PICS (many references to ICS - but the directory structure and environment variables on the PICs for UserC just do not exist).

I have written my program as a shell script, and also in C - and them both run beautifully from the command line, but I am unable to figure out how/where to install the programs into the PICS so that they can be initiated / executed from the graphics / operator keyboard. I know it can be done (1997 on an ICS) - but I can’t seem to get the same results on the PICS.

Appreciate any help you can provide - pblyth [at] minara.com.au

Regards, PB