Yokogawa Centum CS1000 to Prosoft MCM Allen Bradley Modbus Connection

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Eduardo Manuel C. Cipriano

Has anyone used before a Modbus connection from Yokogawa Centum CS1000 DCS ACM12 to Prosoft MCM Module to an Allen Bradley SLC 502 Processor any info on Configuration will help.

I intend to use a Yokogawa Centum CS1000 DCS using an ACM12 Modbus Module to interconnect with an Allen Bradley SLC502 Processor running on Modbus Protocol using Prosoft Technology MCM module can any one give me an info on how to do it
on the AB side any samples on program and configuration will help pls send it to me via email

[email protected]

I already inquired on Prosoft but there is no respond for now ..............

thank you Control.com Members