Yokogawa CentumPV, CS3000, Write Tag Data from DOS Prompt


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Yokogawa DCS includes command line tools for reading and writing tag data from the DOS command prompt. I have used the tools successfully in the past but can't remember the syntax. The tools are BDR.EXE (read data) and BDW.EXE (write data). They are located in the directory \CENTUMPV\FCS\Tool.

I can successfully use the read tool as follows (tag is in FCS0203):
C:\CentumVP\FCS\Tool\BDR 3 MyTag.PV

Based on the usage instructions I should be able to write to the tag as follows:
C:\CentumVP\FCS\Tool\BDW 3 MyTag.PV=1

I can't get the write tool to work. Any advice?
Hi fluoronator,

1. You can't write to a PV ... the tag.attr needs to be normally operable as if you were on a HIS
C:\CentumVP\FCS\Tool\BDW 3 MyTag.PV=1 (change .PV to .MV)

2. You need to provide an access id - I believe this is associated with the security level of the tag. i.e.;
C:\CENTUMVP\fcs\tool>bdw -i 2 16-20 89AO02.MV=44
reponse =

Cheers, PB