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I am new to the site so not sure if I am posting my message the proper way. I need info. on any sites or resources where I can learn the Yokogawa CS-3000 DCS system (other than Brochures or Yokogawa Course). My interests is more focused on the software side but hardware info. is good also. Thanks Guys.

None of the Yokogwa general websites will give more detail about Yokogawa engineering manual and hardware details.

I suggest you undergo a training on the Yokogawa DCS system. If you are in India, Yokogawa India offers training for Yokogawa customers as well non-customers, which will help you lot. If you need any specific query I can help you, provide your personal mail id.

Pls can u send the india details of the yokogawa training centre i india to me and the training details and schedule.

Am also interested in where and how i can get good books on Sybol or sequence table programming on Yokogawa CS3000


South Africa
hello, i'm new in this site... I wonder if someone has made off-line simulation with Centum 3000?

Thank you, I need your help urgent...!