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Hello everyone,

We have a single server computer which runs HIMA OPC server and YOKOGAWA CENTUM CS3000 as GSGW (Generic Subsystem Gateway). Now I want to configure this system to be redundant. The HIMA OPC server has the capability to be installed on two different PC and act as redundant stations. But I couldn't find any reference or document to know whether if the YOKOGAWA GSGW has the capability to be configured as redundant. Is there any suggestion?

you can use this architecture:

you may use a redundant servers HIMA. each one is an OPC server and both of them communicating with only one GSGW OPC client. the GSGW has to use ORB (OPC Redundancy broker) to communicate with both hima OPC server. each time there is a fault in one of the hima OPC servers the GSGW will switch to the good opc server and collect data from it.
Hello Ferdowsali,

Yes - I believe there is a dual-redundant GSGW (Generic Subsystem Gateway) option; available as a Tokuchu package (special order).

Hopefully you are not reliant on GSGW or similar for critical data nor important control.

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