Yokogawa Prosafe PLC


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Amechi Akabogu


If you have any materials relating to Yokogawa Prosafe PLCs I'll be more than grateful if you can send to me, even if it's your lecture notes! And also info on Yokogawa DCS systems. I'm new to the field and I'm currently working on a project which looks as if I'm going to mess up in a big way.

Your help will be appreciated.

How many DI inputs and DO outputs is the smallest system? (I need abouth 32...72) DI and DO
What else I need and how much it cost about? that I can make first system?

Suresh Kumar

What sort sorts of material you require? I can help you in solving your problems in yokogawa dcs centum cs3000. I prepared a step by step exercise mannual for our enginners. I m available to answer your queries regarding both yokogawa dcs and plc.

Suresh Kumar