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I am working on Yokogawa Prosafe RS and now i need to add, edit, remove some loops in the logic.

Can any one help me to edit, add loops and set input, output signals?
please step by step
> Can any one help me to edit, add loops and set input, output signals?
> please step by step.

1. Go to work bench and select the SCS**** under project name (under my RS Projects directory). Hope that SENG which holds the master data base for Prosafe-RS with n/w connection are already made and the Prosafe SCS also connected.

2. If a password is set, enter the password. Then the application menu will be opened. Go to to the Maintenance menu and set the access level to 1.

3. using browser key in the specific tag/ variable which you need to edit. For eg. _111LAHH104 (Since the SCS tags will start internally with _). If you are going to create a new tag at first level you need to define under variables using dictionary view (preferably global variable so that it can be referred across various SCSs/programs). Subsequently soft wiring to be done if it's of physical inputs/outputs.

4. Double click on the specific logical step from the browser menu and make changes to the logical elements. Adding/deleting/modifying the logical elements like AND/OR/EXOR/TON/TOFF/ANN/GOV/etc.

5. Once made changes save using the SAVE Icon.

6. Build the program and see no errors.

7.Build the project library se from the menu environment.
and see no errors.

8. Go to Integrity analyzer and select the elements which are listed using tick mark. and ok and save using SAVE icon.

9. Do similarly like above for cross reference analyzer and SAVE.

10. Go to ONLINE Load button as like a spanner symbol to click and initiate and confirm the loading process. It may take approx 10-15min according to the size of the program changes.

If you need more elaborate info. probably can reach over me at mohamed [email protected] so that i can share part of the Training manual which can be of some use at your end.

Note: It is highly advisable to have knowledge on HAZOP/PHA in order to understand the safety loop design and changes and the last not the least to have a formal training on Prosafe-RS Engg. course under Yokogawa.