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What is the difference between between CENTUM VP and ProSafe-RS? I understand that CENTUM VP is for process control and ProSafe-RS is for SIS, both having the same components they have I/Omodules, they have power supply, they have CPU for logic solving etc...



The modules are not the same, only looks the same but in Orange Color. The internal electronic is more complex and the programming software is another one.

The good part is the integration between both systems in a Vnet or Vnet/IP network. You can exchange data, its possible but not recommended just to follow ESD normatives. You must keep it as minimum.

About capabilities, the ProSafe in case of Instrumentation can be only HART Capable not Foundation Fieldbus. Also the Profibus and Modbus is not supported because they are not fulfilling SIL requirements. But in case of Modbus you can put a Modbus Module Gray in a ProSafe Chassis, looks awful but works.

Hi Jesus -

You sound like you know your way around Prosafe RS!

Is the Centum VP FCS rack (the Vnet/IP version) and the Prosafe RS rack interchangable? I'm refering to just the rack, not any of the cards/CPUs/power supplies etc.

I suspect there will be a sticker from TUV on the Prosafe RS rack ...