Yokogawa YPP 6200 M Link pinout

The Yokogawa YPP6200 is a private labeled Precision Digital PD6200.

There is no published pinout for the M-Link connector. The M-Link connector is a USB port, natively used for Precision Digital's MeterView Pro configuration software. The M-Link connector does NOT have RS-232 or RS-485 functionality.

RS-232 or RS-485 functionality for Modbus communications is achieved with a Precision Digital serial adapter (or the same item labeled Yokogawa). Each adapter comes with a CAT5e cable for the M-Link connection. The adapter is DC powered through the M-Link cable. For the serial side, the 232 adapter has a DB9F connector, the 485 adapter has screw terminals. The adapters have no mounting tabs, so a DIN rail mounting (PDA1002) kit is available.

The RS-232 adapter is PDA1232; the RS-485 adapter is PD1485 from Precision Digital. I'm sure Yokogawa offers the same things.