Zinc chloride filter system


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Fred Chwalek

I am having trouble locating a pressure switch to mount on a bag filter system for zinc chloride. The temperature is 70 - 100 degrees F, 100% (or close to it) solution of zinc chloride. I need two contacts, one to alarm at 20psi and one to shut off the pump at 30psi. Also I need local indication and NEMA 4X enclosure. The problem is finding a pressure switch that is made of material compatible with zinc chloride. I have tried SOR, Turck, and United Electric but don't get a comfortable feeling from them. Does anyone have experience with filtering zinc chloride and using pressure switches with it? This is a duplex bag filter system, 7500gpm, mag-drive pump, skid mounted. Manufacturer of system will not install a pressure switch. Fred Chwalek Applications Engineer Beacon E-Commerce, eFilter Division Voice: (704) 398-7916 Fax: (704) 398-7822 Email: [email protected]
I don't recall zinc chloride as being particularly offensive and the corrosion chart I have shows 316SS or 304SS wetted parts would provide "excellant" corrosion resistance to a 10% zinc chlroide solution. Just about any full line instrument rep should be able to get you what you need. Try Lesman (www.lesman.com) if you don't know where else to start.