Securing Your Industrial Control Systems with Cisco New IoT Security Tool

February 01, 2020 by Maddie Bradshaw

This week, Cisco released the new Cisco Cyber Vision, developed to secure your industrial control systems. 

It seems in the past few years, industrial control systems (ICS) have been everywhere. The adoption of IoT and IIoT offers a number of benefits including productivity and optimization of automation while eliminating manual processes. Many have been skeptical to adopt these security technologies because they can potentially impact system performance. Many companies in this industry have been working to develop security protocols and platforms to combat these issues.  


Industrial Cyber Security Systems Become Increasingly Necessary

ICS have played a major role in helping industrial organizations with overall production. As the IoT and IIoT advances, there has been an increasing need for security platforms in these systems. Cisco Systems, Inc. has developed its new Cisco Cyber Vision, a security platform designed specifically for industrial environments. The technology is based on a software application that Cisco acquired in 2019 when it bought Sentryo SAS, a company that develops network monitoring and threat intelligence platforms.


Cisco Cyber Security System

Cisco Cyber Vision tool displayed on a screen. Imaged used courtesy of Cisco Systems, Inc. 

Cisco Cyber Vision Provides Full Visibility Into Your ICS

While connectivity within industrial control systems is helpful in many ways, it can also has its pain-points. The more connected your systems are to IT, the cloud, and ICS, the more prone you are to security issues. The new tool is specifically designed to work with IT and OT teams to achieve safety and continuous production.

According to their website, "Cisco Cyber Vision automatically builds an accurate list of all your industrial assets and detailed network maps so you can define what needs to be done." The tool provides a deeper look into real-time monitoring of control networks, threat-intelligence, process data, and other aspects of your system. This allows engineers to manage risk factors and build secure infrastructures. 


Complies With Latest Regulatory Requirements

For those managing facilities such as sites or factories, the cyber vision tool can be imperative for several reasons. The tool logs all of your critical information, making it so you can build and run incident reports and audits at any given time. Cisco also mentions that the new tool allows you to comply with regulatory requirements so you can avoid discrepancies, penalties, and errors in the system. 


This is just one of the few companies developing security protocols for industrial control systems. 



Have you seen a benefit to this kind of technology in your own unique industrial environment? Do you see more companies coming out with similar security platforms in the future?