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Using Twido AI Module
want to inject a 0-10V value into one of the inputs...

Hi there,

I am a bit new to PLCs.

I have a Twido PLC and I have an Expansion module with 2 Analog Inputs (0 - 10V, 4 - 20mA). The model is TWDAM12HT.

I want to inject a 0-10V value into one of its inputs. However, I cannot seem to get the value in the input. I made a very simple program that will turn off a DO point on my PLC when the value of the AI is non-ZERO.

I connected a 5V input in the AI but the DO point LED is still on. Meaning, the AI is still zero. Moreover, in the Twidosoft program, it indicates that it is still zero.

Right now, I doubt if my hardware connection is correct. The module has 3 terminals with label 24VDC. It has a positive, negative and a ground connection. I dont have the manual for this so I do not know whether I need to put a 24V power supply on these ports.

Perhaps there are guys in the forum who have worked with this model TWDAMI12HT module.

Any help would be appreciated.


There is a copy of the ardware and software manual for the Twido within Twidosoft.

Yes you do need to connect a 24Vdcsupply,and we would recommend a ground connection to.
Check help 'hardware' within Twidosoft.

Hi. Twido analog expansion modules particularly of that type wherein it could be either current input(4-20ma) or voltage input(0-10Vdc), needs to be selected in the twidosoft software if it you will be using it for current or voltage input. The default is neither of the two input types. Just make sure that if you selected a current input in the program, that you will not inject a voltage input or vice versa for this may damage the module. To access where you need to select the type of input, you can access it in the hardware specification (additional module). What version of twido soft are using?

hope this helps.


Since you have said you are bit new. I suggest you to restrict your learning with digital input and digital output to start with, then you can go for analog inputs.
The expansion module has to be attached to the main module properly. The expansion module has to be given 24 V DC regulated power supply. Then analog input signal has to be given and the polarity has to be checked. On Software side you have to configure the main unit and the expansion modules. Configure the analog unit and select the options for 0-10 v or 4-20 ma. and it should be configured for values like 0-4112, which means 0 volts will represent 0 and 10 v will represent 4112, etc. I have done many jobs with twido, siemens, omron and NAIF PLCs. any doubts i can try and give you suggestions.