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How to program with CX-Programmer
Develop programming by CX-programmer to run PLC.
By Anonymous on 12 July, 2007 - 10:44 pm

I'm fresh engineer in industry. I need to automate one process at my company, so PLCs are used in the automation process to control the motor and solenoid valve. Type of PLCs is Omron. CX-Programmer is a common platform for developing programs for all types of Omron PLCs, but I don't know how to use CX-Programmer.

Can anybody give me guidelines or suggestions for running the PLC? Hopefully somebody can help me.

Do you want help to make the program? If you give me a description of the process function and an i/o list, I can make an example program for you

Hi go to this URL and download the PDf. I hope this helps enjoy :)

try this link