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5201-MNET-MCM (4)
5201-MNET-MCM (4)

Do you know if a Prosoft 5201-MNET-MCM (4) can be used as a multidrop, 2 or 3 RS485 devices for each port?


You bet it can! For the first MCM (Modbus Serial) port, there is a hardware jumper to set the port to RS232 or RS485 or RS422. For the other MCM ports, this setting is done via the configuration file... either by using PCB (ProSoft Configuration Builder), or by using the .cfg file and downloading via Hyperterminal.

Hope this helps.


All 4 Modbus ports on that unit will support either 232, 422, or 485 wiring. Port 0 is set with a jumper on the bottom of the unit, Ports 1-3 are set using a software setting in the configuration of the module. RS485 can support a maximum of 32 devices on the network (this includes the master device).