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Conductivity versus Concentration of Sulfuric Acid and Caustic
Conductivity versus concentration of aqueous solutions of Caustic and Sulfuric Acid at 25 degC

Wasted lot of time searching conductivity versus concentration curve/tables for Caustic, Sulfuric acid, Didn't find any.

I just need tables where conductivity of 1% - 100% caustic and sulfuric acid solutions is listed at 25 degC, in 1% steps.


Sorry to hear you spent so much time on your search. cut and paste and this should get you the info you require.

Most vendors should have the concentration curve built into the analyzer as well as providing you a custom curve if need be.

Hope that helps!!

By Jon Richfield on 22 January, 2011 - 2:09 pm

Pedro, I am just a private (retired) citizen who wanted some info and after long googling found this one. I wanted to thank you for the link you gave someone else, and which I found very helpful. Incidentally, the link now seems to be outdated, but no matter to me anyway; I did a bit of fiddling and found the new address quite soon.
So, thanks again and all the best,

Jon Richfield

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search for "conductance data" from found it as first hit.

as of today, current URL is:

(remove space(s) that the forum inserts in the URL)