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Modbus RTU to Lovato RGK60 Generator Controller
Modbus comms between a Kepware OPC server and Lovato RGK60 Generator controller. Addressing to access the bit status of the inputs register

Modbus RTU serial comms between Kepware OPC server and a Lovato RGK60 Generator Set Controller. Reading the analog values works fine after configuring the device settings correctly in Kepware. Register 180h returns a value related to the inputs made on the device and the Lovato docs table the individual bit descriptions 0 through 31. bit 0 is input 1, bit 2 is input 2 etc. The syntax to access the register value is H300180 as a DWord - this works fine.

Using zero based addressing I assume that this is the value of registers 179h and 180h? If I create a tag in Kepware H300180.0 as a Boolean, surely that is the bit status of 180.0 (or actually 179.0). To see the bit status of 180.0 does one make a tag 181.0 ? Making any boolean tag returns Bad in Kepware's OPC Client tool. What am I missing here?