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DCS - Foxboro I/A System
would like to know I/A series Foxboro exact Models (hardware / software / system overview), I mean those used 15-20 years ago.
By system overview Foxboro I/A Sy on 24 June, 2010 - 3:07 am

I understand Many of folks worked within automation, oil and gas field says I/A series Foxboro DCS controllers/ systems, SLC's are field proven & great in performances. I believe they are working till today.

Well, having said I am not experts, however has done Bailey net 90/ infi 90 DCS, plc slc500 certifications and few yrs of work. would like to know I/A series Foxboro exact Models (hardware / software architecture). I mean those used 15-20 years ago. But their (company) web says till DCS - Foxboro I/A System? may not be the same old 20-30 yrs hardware models.

I need it for study and knowledge purpose, Are there any website, or information, documents/ pictures /details on those models?

Your help is highly appreciated. It is great help for me

u can get details in

latest dcs controller name is FCP270
and series name is IA Series...
newer version is coming called as IEE..(new version of IA).

By Foxboro I/A System on 13 July, 2010 - 4:07 am

Re: DCS - Foxboro I/A System

I went through the websites ""
what i can find is only the presnt DCS!
however i wanted those ones used 20-25 yrs back , please reply, thanks for your time

Ash ok