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Experiences using AVReporter
AVReporter - Someone, plz share the experiences.


I've found a software that seems to be quite useful in the field of energy management (AVReporter by Konsys ltd by the way). I'd like to ask someone who has been using it for a while to share his experiences with me! Thank you!


By Brad Nolan on 4 August, 2010 - 3:02 am


In my opinion, that the software has very simple usage and user friendly interface and flexible extension. Other hand AVReporter has got very powerful technical support.



You can create VB script in AVR Connection Center. It is very useful for special database import and calculation tasks, for exapmle: import data from data concentrator by ftp connection, import data from Scada system's database - wincc, etc..


How can Vijeo Citect log into AVR Database?


You can find answers for your questions in the online knowledgebase. It's very useful.


By tsx_unity on 5 August, 2010 - 5:47 pm

I created similar system with AVReporter. you can find more information

What is the AVR Connection Center?


The AVR Connection Center Plug-in is a powerful and versatile data management tool. It is used to create communication links between different types of otherwise disparate data sources so that specific data can be imported or exported, calculation models can be designed and applied to the data, incoming data can be added, modified, or deleted from database, and data quality checks may be applied, etc. Background execution of these database operations is scheduled by AVR Connection Center (every minute, hour, day etc.) for automated and ongoing surveillance of the active database. These procedures have also been designed for optimal performance so that the integration of many data sources exchanging large amounts of data can be efficiently and reliably integrated and processed into a single active database. This solution makes AVReporter capable of supporting both simple and complex system architectures, across one site, one campus or across a global portfolio.

more info:


> What is the AVR Connection Center?

You can connect different database and data concentrator devices, and services (example: OPC server, etc.