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Danfoss VLT 8272 Problem
Problem with Danfoss VLT 8272 160kw 400volt variable speed drive.

Danfoss VLT 8272 160kw 400volt variable speed drive.

I have a problem with this drive . Hooked upto a 160kw 60 hertz motor. Runs perfectly (it seems) up to 42 hertz. after that it shows a warning Fault 4, which is Mains Imbalance (AC Phase loss). But this is not the problem and is easily tested. Has anyone have any clues as to what the real problem maybe?

Here the exact same problem also 42 hertz and then alarm nr4 phase lost. Have you got already a solution for this problem?

hope to hear from you,


Martijn evers

I would be happy to help if I could better understand. Can you provide some metrics of what the drive is doing up to the 42hz point?

Also what else happens when you reach 42hz and go to 60hz or does the drive not reach that point?

I happily await your reply.

By Sandeep Sharma on 7 December, 2011 - 12:02 pm


You do you get the data for input supply and display on board (lcp) for input supply if both data is mismatched. then the problem in scr section hardware issue other. and if same, then check for the input supply if any other issue then mail me on we are the service partner for danfoss.

happy to help you.