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ETIMER (Function code 86)Shows 26 hour increments in 24 hours.

Dear friends,

i am perplexed to see the timer increment 26 in 24 hour, while this is the timer in infi 90 system implemented through FC-86 ETIMER where S4 is equal to 1.00001e+012 and S5 is equal to zero.

i have monitored the inputs and timer through trend utility by recording the values and my observation is that increment is done some time after 54 minutes and some time 55 minutes. it should be remembered that timer running 24 hours but it gives some time 25 hours some time 25.5 hours and some time 26.

can any one help me to understand this query
thanks in advance

best regards
Ashiq Ali

Hi Ashiq,

I've just read your post and wondering if you have any updates or answers on this?

We have noticed something similar (just today actually); we use the ETIMER block (FC 86) part of our effective operating hours counter to calculate he effective operating hours of our Gas Turbines. The actual counter is incrementing every 1hr 05min and thus far I am unable to explain, settings are S3 = 2 and S4 = 1e+014.

Any update on this would be appreciated.