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Eurotherm PAC and Wonderware
Reading the status of current running step using scada/wonderware.

Dear All,

I am using Invensys Eurotherm PAC T2550 with wonderware and using Eurotherm suite.

i have created one sequential logic, in which i have created few steps. Now my question is, is it possible to know current running step of my sequence in scada / wonderware ?

Thanks in advance.

A look at a spec sheet shows that comm protocols are options, so presuming you want to use Modbus you need to check to make sure you have the option code for Modbus (spec sheet shows order codes for updating options). The T2550 can operate as a Modbus slave or a Modbus master.

A look at the T2550 manual HA 028 898 shows a short section on Modbus, which seems integrated into what Eurotherm calls LIN, a Local Instrument Network. The T2550 manual refers to a Modbus Tools Help document (Part no. HA028988). (I found version 5, Sept 2011).

In the Modbus Tools Help, page 13 shows a screen shot of an editing function, where several data parameters are identified as pid1.PV, pid2.PV, pid1.FALLBACK. That appears to be internal tags identifying various parameters in the controller.

It appears that if the sequential logic stages are tagged, (enabled/disabled, numbered, named, whatever) then the T2550 can place the respective tag(s) in Modbus register(s).

By Penny Parker on 19 September, 2018 - 9:02 am

I know this is many years later but I'd like to add information to this post in case anyone sees it in the future. T2550 and T2750 Eurotherm Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs) do support Modbus. But it's much easier to use the LIN protocol, especially with EurothermSuite, because it is designed specifically for this purpose. It is very easy to know the status of an SFC and to be able to display the active step on the EurothermSuite HMI. Please contact Eurotherm helpdesk for support. There are self learn training manuals available too.