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ABB WaterMaster
ABB waterMaster FET100 Flowmeter alarms

Dear All,

we are working for water treatment and irrigation and We have at least 200 (ABB waterMaster FET100 Flowmeter). we have a lot problems we can't solve it, and it's description in the manuals is not positive
this alarms codes are:

1- (F247. 024) and its description is (Installation fault/condition electrode problem?)

2- (S136.007) and it's description is ( (flow rate is above the limit )

Can any one help us to solve it .

I looked at the ABB site, and there isn't anything beyond what you provided for error codes.

You can always go to ABB and ask because they're really the best source of information on specific error codes for their own products.

I'll speculate that the F247 fault code, 'installation or electrode condition', involves the flow tube, not the electronics. Assuming a remote mounted converter has used the recommended shielded cabling between the tube and converter and is not miswired, then I'd pull the tube to inspect it and the electrodes.

I don't know whether there's a specific error code for "metallic debris in the tube" but I know that metallic debris can might distort the magnetic field and result in an error (in wastewater, sometimes stuff gets through the screens). Who knows, you might find a hot tap slug or shredded tin cans. Maybe debris can trigger an F247 error.

With an installed base of 200 flow meters, is there a spare tube on the shelf? Replace the bad one and see if the error goes away.

With regards to the over limit flow rate, is the right flow tube in that location? Maybe it is a DN 100 but should have been a DN 150?

By Cliff Mckeown on 23 November, 2017 - 1:44 pm

These are common errors that indicate lack of adequate bonding of the meter the F247.024 installation fault is telling you the meter is detecting higher than normal electrode potentials, these potentials are exceeding 500 mv and when associated with the S136.007 this is indicating noise.

I am an online customer service engineer for ABB out of Warrington, Pennsylvania with over 40 years of experience in the field and the solution to this and other problems is simple and generally are installation related. When have an 800 number (800-435-7365; press 3 and then 3 again to get to the flow group) that you or anybody can call and you can put in a case, don’t get nervous here you will not fall into a black hole. These cases are assigned to us from a call center in Ohio and I personally have a 30 minute on time return call record if you are not transferred to me live. I also have a YouTube channel that I personally maintain with videos that assist the users in troubleshooting our equipment at ABB Flow Tech Support, google it and take a look, better yet subscribe, I answer questions there day and night.

Contact me and I am positive I can resolve your issues.