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Excel Spread Sheet Showing Heat Balance
560 MW Combined Cycle Heat Balance in Excel spread sheet

Is there any one here in the board would help me to create a heat balance in excel spreadsheet using PI data.


>Is there any one here in the board would help me to create
>a heat balance in excel spreadsheet using PI data.

Assuming that what you mean by "PI data" is data recorded in a historian running OSI PI software:

You haven't stated what type of system you have - combined cycle power plant, chemical process plant, straight steam plant, something else? My own experience is with GE design combined cycle power plants, for which GE would have provided a set of heat balances during the proposal phase of the project. These heat balances may or (more likely) may not have been updated following commissioning to reflect any changes that occurred during the construction phase. Speaking from that perspective:

The first hurdle to cross is whether you are recording the data necessary to create this heat balance. If you have a set of heat balances provided by the equipment supplier, then you need to look at each data point shown on the heat balance diagram and determine what process measurements are required to calculate that data point. You will likely find that much of the data you need exists in the PI data base - steam, water and fuel flows, pressures, temperatures; electrical generator power and auxiliary power consumption, etc. HOWEVER, gas turbine inlet air and exhaust flows may not be so easily available, fuel heating values can also be problematic (especially for gas fuels). You might need to add instrumentation to get all the process parameters you need!

Also, you would have to make sure this heat balance accurately depicts the "as installed" plant configuration, which is not an easy task.

If you do not have an existing heat balance to start from, you will have to create one from P&ID's and maybe single line electrical drawings.

I hope you have a lot of free time (or a large budget to hire help) - this is not an easy task!

Heat balance is kind of energy balance can be applied in many different industries' equipments.

In simple way its applying thermodynamic equations to certain system which can be isothermal, adiabatic...etc

you give more details about your system.