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GE frame 5 Maintenance
list of activities during maintenanace

Is there anybody advice me where I can get the list for standard activities/jobs to be done during combustion inspection, hot path inspection HPI and major overhaul MI for gas turbines GE frame 5.

Each Gas Turbine has supplied with the maintenance manual.

You can find there all required information such as scope of work for each type of inspection, drawings, spare parts list etc.

This maintenance manual could be prepared by GE, EGT or Nuovo Pignone. It depends where and when the Gas Turbine was manufactured.

The Operations and Service Manuals provided by the packager of the unit and auxiliaries are always the best place for this kind of information.

If the unit was packaged and provided by GE until a few years ago, then Vol. III is the place with all of the outage service information, forms, etc. Recently, the whole numbering system of the manuals has changed, and also depending on which GE facility provided the units (Oil & Gas, Florence, Italy; GE Europe, Belfort, France; or GE USA).

Consistently inconsistent with their documentation and manuals.

dear ahdash;

could you send me your email on i will send you documentations about inspection vol 2.

thanks , My Email is