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Beginner AC Servo Motor Guide
How to control AC servo motors.


I'm a beginner to automation and control and I need to control a Cartesian robot. The robot has a an AC servo motor. I'm aware of drivers and controllers that can be used to control the robot, but I would like to know how difficult it would be to build my own controller using a microcontroller, for example. Any good resources to learn more about controlling AC servo motors would be appreciated.

Specifically, the robot is Yamaha fxybx Cartesian robot and the controller is rcx240.

It's a while since I've dealt with servo control.
Good starting point:

As a beginner I would of thought near impossible build your own controller. However, I recall using intelligent stepper motor drives where serial messages on RS232 were sent as positional commands where each motor drive worked out where in needed to be.

Yes, I agree with you: building one would mean another long learning process. Thanks for the link!