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Absolute Pressure Transmitter Calibration
Looking for calibration procedure of Rosemount 3051S1TA absolute pressure transmitter

Pls anyone suggest to calibrate Rosemount 3051S1TA absolute pressure transmitter, range 0-300 mbar. is it calculated atmosphere pressure

when applied pressure is 0 it shows 20 MA. o/p is down when applied pressure is below 0 means - ve. how to get 4 MA at LRV and 20 MA at URV.

Please help

Your range I assume is 0 to 300 mbar Absolute, meaning that at atmospheric (1,000 mbar Absolute) it's well over the upper range. So of course it's putting out 20 mA. To get it to read less than 20 mA you have to suck the pressure down below 300 mbar Absolute.

BTW you will need an Absolute pressure gauge to measure the vacuum.
I would just calibrate it with the HART communicator and take it as correct.

If it's working it's probably more accurate than any test gear you have.

Thanks for reply.

Range is below atm.then 0% applied pressure means (-1000+atm). then what is the purpose of calibrate 0-300 mbar.

Pls suggest how correct by HART

I assume it normally operates in a deep vacuum (below 300 kPa).
We use a similar transmitter on our flash evaporator it's set 5 - 101 kpaA but that's Foundation Fieldbus so it doesn't really have a calibrated range.

Sorry, I don't work with a HART communicator enough to advise on its use.

BTW the absolute range is used on a process that is effected by the weather (atmospheric pressure), evaporators, condensers and such.

Some notions for help to understand!
Vacuum pressure: What is it & how do you measure it?

Quelques notions pour aider comprendre!
Pression d'aspiration: Qu'est-ce que c'est et comment mesurez-vous?

Assimilate this rule...
The vacuum pressure transducer gives an increased positive voltage output proportional to decreasing pressure (increasing vacuum). The absolute pressure transducer gives an increased positive voltage output proportional to increasing pressure (decreasing vacuum).

Assimiler cette rgle ...
Un transducteur de pression de vide gnre une sortie de voltage positive croissante proportionnelle la diminution de pression (augmente le vide). Un transducteur de pression absolue génère une sortie de voltage positive croissante proportionnelle une augmentation de pression (diminution du vide).

Et pour le HART, For the HART ...
De quoi vous gaver! This to fill up!


vacuum are all pressure below the atmosphere pressure. if your transmitter range is 0 - 300mBar, it measure the vacuum pressure, of course. for exemple: if the atmosphere pressure in your city is 1000mBarg (1 barg), when you disconnect the pressure in your transmitter, it's in 1000Mbar, the transmitter saturated or
20 ma. for you calibrate this transmitter you have generate vacuum 0 Mbar, apply zero adjust in Hart communicator (4 ma), generate 300Mbar, apply span adjust in Hart communicator (20ma). Remember, anytime you disconnect the pressure from your transmitter with this range, it go saturate.