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Installation of Centum VP
After installation of Centum VP Software, the system view & project attribution utility icon are missing do not appear in start menu.

I tried to install Yokogawa centum VP (Engg. User) using installation procedure provided by Yokogawa. But after the successful installation of software, there is only software configuration viewer icon inside YOKOGAWA CENTUM folder in start menu.

Please suggest me if the software is installed correctly, or how can i get system view & project attribution utility icon.

Dear yashaswi06,

that mean you do not have all license code to build your engineering station. if you run the "software configuration viewer" it will show you all Packages installed in your PC with there function.

as I understand you are using list of key codes for operator station only. mostly the engineering station has a name "HIS0164."

Mr. Mohanna,

Thanks for your support. I have all license code required for installation but don't know the proper installation procedure. More over setup didn't ask for any license code while installing. Please provide me the procedure for preparing Engg. Station and operator station.

By Prasenjit Dasgupta on 2 August, 2017 - 1:51 am

Dear Sir,

Please get in touch with your nearest Yokogawa office. CENTUM VP is a specialized high end technically complex device and needs fixed procedure to be followed. Please take help from technically qualified Yokogawa service team to get your DCS properly commissioned.

just search centum vp manuals (installation)

a pdf: this is Technical Information [Release 6]

CENTUM VP Installation Guidance TI33J01J10-01EN_006.pdf

you should install a windows, then install vnet/ip card and some configuration like firewall off

advanced setting in network connection to ethernet first in binding...

dcom config....