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Automation Network Website
I would like to create a website from my automation network.

I want to turn my automation network into a website. I don't just want it to be an HMI interface. I want to see all my HMIs and the computers they are running on. I want to be able to check the switches they are going through. I want to be able to see the PLCs and I want to be able to remotely log into all of the above.

If you know of a resource or good staring point for me to use, please respond.

Thank you and regards,
William Newton

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I don't think you provided enough information here to give a good advice. If you want to expose all your data and systems via actual HTML pages I would recommend Mango Automation for that, and I think it could more than handle what you want. If you have existing HMI screens you want to expose via a website that will depend on the HMI vendors and if they allow browser based access.

If this isn't what you are after I think you'll need to provide more specifics on what parts of the problem you need help with.

The HMIs I'm using are RSView ME Site Edition. I don't only want to see them. I want to basically be able to remote access into my automation network and have a user interface where I can select any one of my plcs, managed switches, or L2 servers and see a status screen. I also want to be able to log in to any of my switches, plcs or computers running an hmi. Is there a way to turn my automation network into its own domain? Would that be too much or not enough. I'm sure I could google it, but any more they'd just try to sell me something.

It's all going to come down to very specific details about your network, but in general I think what you want to create is a VPN connection into your network. When you join your computer to a VPN it can allow the computer to behave exactly as if it is on the local network so you have full access to everything. It can be fairly complicated to properly set up a VPN so you really should hire a IT professional to do it for you. You might be able to use this product without hiring a professional:

By Bob Peterson on 14 June, 2017 - 6:08 pm

Google ewon