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Monitoring ATS
Monitoring ATS with a PLC, anyone with experience?

I have an old spectrum detroit diesel generator system, with engine, generator and ATS. (200KW, 277/480 VAC 3-phase)

I haven't done this before but i think it's possible. I'm trying to tap into the ATS to create an alarming system. Specifically, I want to know when the grid loses power, then when the generator comes online and when the grid finally gets power back again.

So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with getting this information out of a ATS and to a PLC, which will then send a text or email etc to alert me.


By Bob Peterson on 6 June, 2017 - 2:59 am

The transfer switch is basically just either a couple of manual switches locked together or a set of contactors tied together. Should be fairly straightforward to get auxiliary contacts for them that can be tied to your PLC. They may actually be there already just waiting for you to wire to them.


Depending how old, most newer ATS will have auxiliary contacts for alarming the operator. Check with manufacture, they may have additional information or can lead you to a solution.

Tim Niemczyk
Pretech Solutions Inc.