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Components b/w Fiber Optic Converter and DCS
Components to be deployed using a fiber optic system to connect VFD to PLC


I have 80 VFDs in my chemical factory and always break down every now and then. I am thinking to form a system as said below.

Connect all the VFD to PLC. there will be HMI and DCS. The I/O modules of PLC will be connected to the DCS thru Fibre optics due to distance.
MODBus TCP/IP -> to fibre optic converter (converts signals to FO and again FO to signals) -> MODBus TCP/IP DCS.

My qn is other than fibre optic converter, what are the components required for this process?

By Ikhtiander on 17 July, 2017 - 12:06 am

Hi Abarna,

Assumed that there are Modbus TCP ports / modules on each side (on PLC and DCS to communicate on Modbus TCP each other), you won't need other components other than you have said.