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Installing Rosemount Engineering Assistant Software
Error when installing Rosemount EA 5.5

Dear all,

I tried to install Rosemount EA software 5.5.1 into XP SP1 virtual machine. The installation success with some errors. But when I try to run the software, there is always message that AMS server is error. Any experience to install this software?

Thanks in advance


The Emerson's website says that version 5.5.1 is to windows 7. Maybe this is the problem. Could you check in the technical manual if it's compatible with XP system as well?

Further, the EA should be installed as snap-on and to run into AMS suite, and not as a standalone system.

Hi Fabricio,

In the technical manual this software is for Windows XP SP1. We can not install it on newer OS. Also we bought it couple years ago. Can you explain more about snap on into AMS? I follow manual on the CD to install AMS first but always failed.