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Serial/USB Modbus to Labview
Modbus serial to USB converter and LABView

I am looking to control a TEMPCO TEC-9100 temperature controller using LABView and MODBUS protocol.

I am using a rs232-USB converter. When I use the software given by TEMPCO to control the machine, it works perfectly. But when I attempt to control the machine through Modbus I/O servers within Labview I cannot establish a connection. The attribute "Commfail"

is returning the value "true". Is this because of my USB converter?

Note: I am new to both Labview and Modbus so please be patient.

Thank you very much in advance!

Does your 'machine control' software use the TEC9100 RS-232 communications port?

What 'machine control' software is this? The only factory software the Tec 9100 manual:

mentions is device configuration software which uses a special cable that connects to a device programming/configuration port.

Do you use the TEC 99014 cable with your USB/RS-232 converter or an adapter that adapts the pins as shown on page 11?